Project Description


Since 2020, PRESSURE and marketing agency Bengelmedia have been working for the American company Waterpik – the world’s number 1 water flosser for an easy and effective way to clean between the teeth.


For Waterpik we started a large-scale continuous marketing and PR campaign in 2020. Since this was the first time that they actively started working with marketing and PR in the Netherlands, in this first year we mainly focused on increasing the brand awareness, explaining how the product works and what the most important USP’s and scientific claims are.


For PRESSURE, this meant that we set up successful influencer partnerships for Waterpik throughout the year. In total, we have partnered with twelve influencers, including Lizet Greve,Marlieke Koks, Serena Verbon andLouise Latooy. They all focused on demonstrating the Waterpik and creating beautiful content that we could also use on Waterpik’s socials itself. In addition, we have set up several giveaways with the influencers to increase engagement with the target group and to gain more followers for Waterpik’s social media account. A number of other collaborations are planned for 2021 and Quinty Trustfull and Laura Pontivorvo will talk about their experience with the Waterpik.

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