Stichting MS Research.

On April 11, the biennial Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) conference brought together scientists, neurologists and practitioners from around the world. They discussed various breakthroughs in the multidisciplinary care and treatment of people with progressive MS. All this took place in the MS Expertise Center within New Unicum, a treatment center in Zandvoort where accommodation, care and treatment of people with progressive MS are combined. Queen Máxima attended the conference at the invitation of the MS Research Foundation and was subsequently given a guided tour.


With the PR campaign we managed to achieve a total reach of 5,935,175. Partly thanks to beautiful TV items on Blauw Bloed (NPO2), Hart van Nederland (SBS6) and NH Nieuws, Nieuw Unicum received more new applications than ever before. The positive picture that was outlined removed the barrier for MS patients to contact the MS Expertise Center, one of the objectives that was stated in advance. This message was supported by articles in Metro and the Reformatorisch Dagblad, among others. The crazy quote that Blue Blood of Queen Máxima managed to capture on screen will be enjoyed for years to come.


PR agency PRESSURE was asked by the MS Research foundation to take care of the entire PR process surrounding the conference and the visit of Queen Máxima. We wrote two press releases that were selectively sent, one prior to and one during the conference, with a press photo ready for publication. By qualitatively pitching on a selection of media aimed at the target group, we achieved maximum substantive attention for the subject. The interview candidates were extensively trained and briefed beforehand by PR agency PRESSURE.


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